【F9】防衛本能 歌ってみた

February 16, 2013

Wohoooooooo!!! Again, Collaboration from F9(kiyono) feat BuzzG x KuwagataP. It seems they have same vision afterall, This is the second times Kiyono join/collabs with BuzzG, before was Ghost Trail Reveries Album by BuzzG. Well anyway… just enjoys :))

【F9】防衛本能 歌ってみた at Nico-nico
Please, note that.. i prefer you to access the nico link above, than youtube to appreciate the original creator.
need plugins that can use a video-widget from douga :\



February 8, 2013


Sorry everyone for the ruckus..
I decided to remove all my post that violated agreement of law.. hemm… I decided to help my friend to licensing a light novel, and i think all of my post before will become a burden for him. Thus, i think i has retired all of theese thing.. lately i only watch and lurk in 4ch, 2ch and mostly in nico-nico. Therefore, i will… hemm…… welll nevermind… I will start a new…